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Introducing Shakila Lovely Font: Unleash Elegance and Class

Elevate your designs with Shakila Lovely Font, a one-of-a-kind bold script font that exudes charm and sophistication. With its stunning collection of beautiful swashes and alternative capital letters, this handwritten font offers a refreshing and captivating look to any creative project.

Designed for those seeking a touch of beauty and refinement in their designs, Shakila Lovely Font is perfect for branding projects, logos, product designs, invitation cards, wedding stationery, advertisements, labels, photography, blogging, social media, and watermarks.

Key Features of Shakila Lovely Font:

Multilingual Accents: Ensure your font accommodates various languages with ease.

Alternative Capital Letters: Discover a wide range of unique and stylish capital letters to enhance your designs.

Stylistic Alternates (Up to 20 choices): Unlock a multitude of stylistic options, allowing you to experiment and create personalized typography.

Heart Connected Feature: Add a heartfelt touch to your designs with the heart connected feature, available for both lowercase and uppercase letters.

Simple Activation: Easily access stylistic alternates by adding a “period” (.) and a “number” (1-20) to each letter.

Seamless Letter Connections: With numerous ligatures, the letters flow seamlessly together, creating a harmonious and visually pleasing composition.

OpenType and PUA Encodes: Benefit from advanced typographic features, granting you full access to glyphs and swashes effortlessly.

The Shakila Script font boasts an impressive 885 glyphs, encompassing capital letters, uppercase alternates, lowercase characters, numerals, punctuation marks, multilingual accents, and exquisite beginning and ending swashes for lowercase letters. Additionally, it offers an extensive range of stylistic alternates and heart swashes for lowercase and uppercase combinations.

What sets Shakila Script apart from other fonts is its convenience. The alternative capital characters are contained within a single font file, streamlining your workflow. Furthermore, its OpenType and PUA Encodes features provide seamless accessibility to all glyphs and swashes.

As mentioned earlier, the Shakila Script font offers an extensive selection of Stylistic Alternates, providing up to 14 choices for each letter from a to z and up to 20 choices for letters b, d, h, k, and l. Additionally, there are captivating connected swashes available for lowercase-lowercase and uppercase-uppercase combinations.

Activating Stylistic Alternates is a breeze—simply type the letter followed by a period and a number.

For instance, a.1, a.2, a.3 or b.1, b.2, b.3, and so on.

To activate the heart connected feature for each letter from a to z or A to Z, simply type the letter followed by two underscores and another instance of the letter.

For example, a__a or A__A.

Shakila Script is complemented by Shakila Sans, creating the perfect Font Duo pack. Though created separately, these two fonts were designed simultaneously to ensure harmony and uniqueness in your projects. Shakila Sans comprises four variations: regular, italic, bold, and bold italic.

Make your designs stand out from the crowd with the Shakila Font Duo. Unleash your creativity and captivate your audience. Don’t wait any longer—get the Shakila Lovely Font Duo now and take your designs to a whole new level!

What’s included:

  • Shakila Script
  • Shakila Sans Regular & Italic
  • Shakila Sans Sans Bold & Italic
  • Full set of Basic Latin
  • Numeral & punctuation
  • Multilingual support

Get the Shakila Lovely Font Duo now and experience the sophistication it brings to your designs…

Shakila Lovely Font Duo


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