Nabana hand drawn & layered font
Nabana is a quotable sans serif font that offers a relaxed, comfortable and informal feel. This font is inspired by the packaging of environmentally friendly products, as well as from book covers for children.
The first impression when you see this font is a sense of joy and fun. Moreover, this font package also includes a variety of floral element designs that are very harmonious when used together.
Nabana is also a layered font, and there are even other styles available such as outline and shadow styles. If calculated from the total, including regular, italic, bold and bold italic, then Nabana font has a total of 32 fonts in the complete family package.
Nabana font is a type of font that is suitable for informal designs, craft, packaging, eco friendly product, for business related to children, books and children's education or all things related to mother and baby.
Nabana is a sweet and friendly handwritten font. Its natural and unique style makes it incredibly fitting to a large pool of designs.
Best pairing with The Rambutan font.

- Nabana Layer Regular should be paired only with Nabana regular
- Nabana Layer Blur Regular should be paired only with Nabana Blur regular
- Nabana Layer Bold should be paired only with Nabana Bold
- Nabana Layer Blur Bold should be paired only with Nabana Blur Bold

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